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Scaffolding Roll Forming Machine
Product description

Scaffolding Roll Forming Machine Structure:

Scaffolding roll forming machine is composed of passived-decoiler, leveler, servo feeding machine, punching machine, roll forming machine, hydraulic cutting machine, collection table, electrical control system etc.

Scaffolding Roll Forming Machine
Our scaffolding roll forming machines production ceiling and dry wall system profiles come in semi auto and fully auto models which can produce many types of thin gauge cold formed steel, C channel, furring channel, steel roof batten. Scaffolding roll forming machines are designed for manufacturing high quality studs and tracks in various sizes with our patent technology. Scaffolding Roll Forming Machine Components.

Scaffolding Roll Forming Machine

The Advantages of Scaffolding Roll Forming Machines:

1. Produce different purlin size without changing rollers or spacers.
2. No need changing cutter for different size.
3. Easy operation, low maintenance cost.
4. Infinite sizing(any size within machine range),help to save material.
5. Optional Punch hole at any position of scaffolding web side.

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