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Product description

The Processes of Shelf Roll Forming Machine:

Shelf Roll Forming Machine: Uncoiler-Leveling-Feeding Machine-Punching-Forming Machine-Cutting off-Feeding frame

Shelf Roll Forming Machines Introduction:

The shelf roll forming machine is highly integrated by uncoiling, leveling, forming, cutting off, punching, receiving and related process. The whole roll forming machine production line is controlled by PCL program . Operators can select a preset program to run the whole line automatically by using touch screen. The methods of operation include automatic control,manual control,separate operation and emergency stop .

Shelf Roll Forming Machine
The products made by shelf roll forming machines profiles are widely used in supermarket, warehouse structure etc, We can provide different sizes and shape as well as design as per customer drawings.

Shelf Roll Forming Machines Technical Parameters:

1.The coil width:according to your own specification
2. Output speed:12-15m/min(not include cutting)
3. Thickness of color steel sheet:1.5-2mm
4. Roller station:16 stations
5. Leveling station:1 station7.Feeding station:1 station
6. Main motor power:15KW
7. Hydraulic Station Power:5.5kw
8.Hydraulic cutting without waste coil
9. The pressure of hydraulic:12 Mpa
10. Frequency inverter: PLC Panasonic
11. Computer controlling system,PLC controlling length, encoder is OMRON brand
12. Diameter of roller: Ф65 quench HRC 58-62ºC

Technical parameter
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