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PIR sandwich panel line-foaming is Zhangjiagang City QuanLong Equipment Manufacture Co., LTD following the international latest high technology and according to word wide the PIR industry that independent innovation high technology products. The main parts of PIR sandwich panel lines are import from foreign country, equipment technical and safely performance are reached the word wide advanced capacity. The PIR sandwich panel line is widely used automobile industry, insulation industry, air conditioning industry, electric appliance industry and furniture industry and so on. Also, expanding the application field .

PU Sandwich Panel Line-Foaming
Because of PIR sandwich panel line‘ exact calculation, has a small loss and needn’t clean and it will be good at environment-protect and reduce the material costs. In the all areas that is to be more and more widely used.
PIR sandwich panel line is well established for flexible operations, the product surface quality is good. Its with high performance and reliability.
The PIR sandwich panel line is suitable for varies sandwich panel industry such as freezing storage, moveable house, plant house, refrigerated vehicle, container, large size storage cabinet, furniture, centrality air conditioner, etc.

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