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The Importance of Buying Roll Forming Machine Manufacturers


With the development of the times, the steel structure industry is advancing rapidly. The roof of the colored steel piva is more and more popular among the people. Roll forming machine products have also been widely used in the main structural structures of large, medium and small industrial civil buildings, such as factory buildings, warehouses, garages, hangars, exhibition halls, theaters, stadiums, and market sheds. Load bearing and wall support. For this reason, the equipment of Caigang has spread all over the country, and the quality of equipment that people pay attention to is followed.
At present, the quality of roll forming machinein the Chinese market is uneven, with millions of changes, and some prices are really low, but product quality and after-sales service deserve your attention! Therefore, in terms of price, we must pay attention to the fact that the so-called shop-to-shop ratio is one-price.
1. When buying a roll forming machine, look at the seller’s various qualification certificates, and whether there is a business license for the legal person.
2. Buy a roll forming machine to see if there is a fixed phone. There is no Baidu promotion main website, and there is a brand reputation of the manufacturer. The most important thing is to understand the contract of the manufacturer’s equipment sales and after-sales service.
3. When you buy a roll forming machine, you should check the company’s specific address. If the road is close and necessary, you can go to the factory for on-site inspection. This is the closest approach to no loss.
4. Buy the roll forming machine and check the analysis of the seller’s partner customers. If these can be taken out for you to see, then choosing this company should be no problem.
Deck Roll Former
The purchase of good raw materials plus perfect manufacturing processes and processes will make the equipment durable, never deformed, and of stable quality. Experienced and skilled assembly technicians will be equipped with press-pull opportunities to connect and fasten various components. Just right. For example, the adjustment of the bearing position: the four top wires should not be loosened when they are in place, otherwise the over-tightening of the top wire will reduce the service life of the bearing and the motor. The pulling of the motor will cause the current overload to heat up and burn the motor; if it is too loose The equipment will be misaligned by long-distance transportation bumps, and the upper and lower rollers will be misaligned. The color steel corrugated wire produced will also be misaligned, which cannot meet the quality requirements and needs to be re-adjusted before use.
The roll forming machine equipment related knowledge:
1. First of all, you need to know the technical parameters of the equipment you want to press. Carefully compare the diameter of the shaft. Forming the number of rows. This is very important. It is not that the thickness of the color steel plate you pressed is not affected. A shaft diameter of less than 70 is critical to the life of the machine. Many manufacturers now have shaft diameters less than 70. This is very wrong. In addition, the number of rows is related to the beauty of the product. The uniformity of the equipment and the ease of operation during installation.
2. Investigate the after-sales service and word-of-mouth of the tile press equipment.
3. The electrical control system of the roll forming machine equipment. Delta PLC control system must be used. Some manufacturers now want to reduce costs. Use a low-end PLC. Hidden for future use of your machine.

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