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Sandwich Panel Machine is Easy to Design and Select


The sandwich panel machine striping or block assembly method is suitable for the unit after splitting to have sufficient rigidity and to ensure the invariance of the composite board itself. Otherwise, power and reinforcement should be adopted. The construction focus is on the correct separation of the bars and blocks, and the insurance guarantee during the lifting process.

PIR Sandwich Panel Machine
Due to the reasonable cross-sectional shape of the sandwich panel machine, the steel can be effectively used and the ability to advance. The wing embroidery of the H-shaped steel that is not suitable for the difficult type is widened, and the inner and inner cores are usually parallel, which facilitates the connection with the high-strength screw and other members. The size of the sandwich panel machine constitutes a reasonable series, and the model is complete, which is convenient for imaginary selection. Fully control the existing equipment on the construction site, increase the rental fee for lifting equipment and the entry and exit fees for C-shaped steel machines, and reduce the cost.

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