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Roll Forming Machine Concept and Use


Roll forming machine refers to the equipment that can produce color steel composite board, which is also known as the sandwich panel equipment. It is divided into foam sandwich panel equipment and rock wool sandwich panel equipment according to the filling material inside. It is widely used in the production workshop of mobile board houses.

Gullet Roll Forming Machine
The use of roll forming machine:
(1) Production and installation of industrial plants and warehouses.
(2) Raw materials for the production of cold storage and box packaging.
(3) Raw materials for the production of light steel houses and original building mezzanine houses.
(4) Raw materials for the production of movable panels.
(5) Production raw materials for various clean rooms and air-conditioned rooms. The composite panel machine can quickly produce high-quality color steel composite panels, saving time and manpower. A production line needs 5 people to complete the operation, which is convenient for the need to meet the construction period. The service life of the equipment is long. Generally, the glue pump should be cleaned regularly. The frequency converter pays attention to dust prevention and the overall performance is very stable.

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