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Operation and Application of Roll Forming Machine


In the installation of roll forming machine, self-tapping screws are drilled, hand data, electric saw cutting or other operations will leave metal shavings on the roof or adjacent areas. These things must be timely from the roof, flooding boards, gutters The surface is cleaned to be stained by the surface of the roll forming machine by the oxidized surface of the solid steel-free composite board, causing corrosion of the steel sheet.

Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine
In order to shorten the construction period, we often use the flat bar and sling method to hang the assembly line of the roll forming machine to the roof in a lump, and then use the manual division of labor. Pay special attention to the drying of the color plate. And clean gloves, do not drag the steel plate and other things on the surface of the color plate, the staff on the roof should wear soft rubber shoes, the sand and dirt should be cleaned in front of the house, when walking along the roof panel, To walk in its trough, when walking along the trough, try to distribute the load evenly on the foot rather than on the heel or toe.
After the roll forming machine is pressed on the construction site, it must be stacked and covered with tarpaulin. If the rain water is damp, the board must be immediately separated, wipe the surface moisture with a dry cloth, and then stack the board to keep it. Air is circulated to dry the surface.

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