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How to choose the right cold bending machine?


Cold bending machine, as a professional equipment for cold-bending steel, has increased productivity and created a lot of wealth for enterprises.It is widely used in industry.So how to buy the cold bending molding equipment with high cost performance?Let me introduce you.
1,See if the parts of the machine itself are in place.Whether there is loose, whether the parts have corrosion phenomenon.Do not buy the machine if they are loose and have rust.Because such products may be used by other people who return the products.It may not work for a long time.So be sure to look and ask carefully when buying.
2、Try to start the cold bending machine and hear if the sound is normal.If you hear the rattle, there are some parts that are not flexible, or loose and falling off.If you hear the engine’s hoarseness, the engine is bad, and the sound of a good product can tell the difference between good and bad.
3、Select the cold bending machine manufacturer that has after-sale product guarantee to buy equipment, So that the equipment has good after-sales service guarantee.

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