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Glazed Tile Roll Former
Product description

Glazed tile roll former mainly consists of feed inlet platform, forming machine, punch press device, forming shear device, hydraulic station, PLC computer control system and other parts. It has the features of light weight, high strength, heavy bearing, and good shock resistance. The antique glazed tile formed by the 1100 type glazed tile roll former has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple and elegant, exquisite shape, noble taste, etc., and can be widely used in garden-style factories, tourist scenic spots, pavilions, villas, and villas. Exhibition halls, resorts, homes and other buildings and outdoor decorations.
The glazed tile roll former is divided into three parts: the roller forming part, the pressing part and the cutter part.
The roller forming section is driven by the motor and the chain drives the rollers. The pressure-type part is the hydraulic cylinder driving the mold to move up and down. It can press the color steel into many sections and resemble glazed tiles. The cutter part is the hydraulic cylinder driving the cutter to move up and down, which can cut off the colored steel tile.
Glazed Tile Roll Former Application:
Color steel sheet which are produced by our glazed tile roll forming machine are widely used in gardens, factories, resorts, hotels, exhibition halls, vacationlands, ancient architectures and modern villas. The advantages of glazed tile roll former are long life time, stable performance and high efficiency, it is warmly welcomed by our customers.

Glazed Tile Roll Former
Glazed Tile Roll Former Advantages:
1. The control of glazed tile roll former is controlled by PLC, and multiple safety protections are set up during normal production.
2. The bed is welded steel plate. And for tempering, eliminating internal stress, to avoid deformation of the fuselage.
3. The molding frame is cast iron and tempered. High strength and long service life.
4, Roller shaft material is 40Cr, and after quenching and tempering, the hardness is HB280.
5, the material of the forming mold is GCr15, quenched, hardness: HRC56-62°C.
Glazed Tile Roll Former Structural Features:
1. It adopts full-automatic fixed-length cutting and cutting, accurate positioning and fixed length, and beautiful and tidy plate-shaped head and tail.
2, the structure is simple, beautiful appearance, because the machine uses steel structure, the overall processing after welding, so the structure is simple and reasonable, strong storage capacity, stable and reliable operation.
3、The equipment roller is made of high-quality forging steel No. 45. After the surface is plated with hard chrome, the surface of the roller is high in hardness, flat and smooth, and the surface of the plate is not damaged.
4, equipment, low noise, high work efficiency.
5. The roller shaft is tempered by 45 steel to improve the shaft’s strength, hardness and other comprehensive mechanical properties.

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