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Product description

PU sandwich panel of Quanlong is continuously and automatically working. The requirement of the workshop is LXWXH about 120mx4mx8m

Specification of PU sandwich panel
Length min≥3 m(will be small difference based on production speed )
Width 900-1020 mm
Thickness 30-200 mm(steel corrugation not included)
Specification of raw material
Thickness of steel coiler 0.37-0.8 mm
Max width of steel coiler 1250 mm
Max weight of steel coiler 10T
Inner diameter of steel coiler Φ508、Φ620 mm
Specification of production line
Production speed: max 6m/min(adjustable )
Length of production line about 115 meters
Central Height of production line 1200mm(PU panel height to the ground)
Foam placement pressure 150-200 bar
Control system import brand PLC control
Total power about 300kw
Voltage 380V/3/50 Hz
Control voltage 24V;110V;220 V
Air supply pressure 0.7 Mpa
Technical parameter
hydraulic decoilers and up forming machine with 2 lamination

De-coiler frame level fix—loading car outside moving—steel coiler lifting—loading car inside moving to the out edge of frame—loading car lift making the center of steel coiler same as de-coiler frame center—loading car inside moving to the inner edge of the frame—the frame intension—arm press—loading car back position—de-coiler main shaft rotation, the coiler start de-coiling. lamination and cutting system. Lamination is to avoid the painting damage, cutter is to cut the panel in different condition of specification.

 details of the PU sandwich panel line
steel slitting
Cylinder lower down—driving roller press the steel sheet—feeding sheet—cutter motor starts—cutter—-cutter back position—cylinder back position
 details of the PU sandwich panel line
up lamination
Film installing— cylinder lower down— laminating shaft press the steel sheet—tension adjusting—driving roller starts—laminating—sheet enter the forming machine—roller driving stop—roller relax—passive laminating
 details of the PU sandwich panel line
cantilever forming type

Forming machine is consisted with up forming machine, down forming machine, forming machine table, connection roller. Profile shape based on customer’s requirement

 details of the PU sandwich panel line
pre-heating room
Pre-heater is air heating, heating source is supplied by customer, could be steam, gas, Fuel oiler…etc.
 details of the PU sandwich panel line
servo motor for gun frame
Gun frame is made to install the injection gun, frame use servo motor to make precision movement.
 details of the PU sandwich panel line
injection system

Back glue, white glue, foam additives, catalyst, fire retardant –– pray gun ready– black and white glue cycling-white glue and fire retardant pre-mixing , glue temperature adjust- spray glue with proper proportion. 2/4/6 components continuously high-pressure foaming machine technical specification  details of the PU sandwich panel line

gun frame

Gun frame is used to install gun with servo motor to assure the precision of the gun movement.

 dgun frame
double belt
Effective length 24m/30m/36m
Down belt working height 1200mm
Effective width of double belt 1175mm(panel width)
Max working speed 12m/min
Distance between two belts 20-200mm
Thickness of panel 30-150mm(steel corrugation not included)
Main power 18kw
Hydraulic station power 7.5kw
Hydraulic pressure 8mpa
Working temp about 45℃
Hot air temp 75℃
Time to 45℃ about 1.5 h
Cycling Air volume abt 2X8000M3/h
band saw cutter
Band saw cutter consists of middle roller, band saw and speed roller. working process: Panel Feeding— press— band saw starts—cylinder starts, cutter and panel moving—cutter—cylinder relax—panel stay moving—saw stops and rotation to position—cylinder back position
 details of the PU sandwich panel line
cooling bed
The finished sandwich panel goes to cooling bed by the roller conveyor, and goes to the stacker by the rollers from after cooling
 details of the PU sandwich panel line
automatic stacker

To Send the cooled sheet that cut by saw machine to the specific spot; mechanical arm stacks the sheet automatically.

 details of the PU sandwich panel line
electrical control system
To control the whole line with PLC and inverter
 details of the PU sandwich panel line
T Packing the finishes sheets with lamination that stacked by the auto-stacker, it can avoid external damage in the sheet, which is easy to stock and deliver.
 details of the PU sandwich panel line
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