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CZ two in one changable forming machine
Product description

CZ two in one changable forming machine is our new designed production, the machine is fast feed production and shape size changeable, it saves time and easier to operate.
The cutter is conbimed cutter,can cut any standard C purlin and Z purlin, same time and save cost.

Profile drawing

CZ two in one changable forming machine

CZ spcs

1、C purlin(a=80-300mm)change as well,height(b=35-80)change as well。
2、Z purlin(a=120-300,)change as well,height(b=35-80)change as well。
3、thickness:1.5 mm ~3.0 mm
4、raw material:Q235、Q345 galvanize steel
5、forming speed:20-28m/min

Mian specs

CZ two in one changable forming machine consists decoiler, feeder, roll former, hydraulic cutter, hydraulic station, PLC controller, and stacking table.

Technical parameter
CZ fast speed size change

From C to Z, only turn sets of rollers 180 degree can make shape change. Set of rollers are designed whole Europe style in one set, so gearbox adjusting with straight guiding line, each time only need 3-5 mins. While the old type will need at least 20-40 mins to change one size, many even use 2 hours to change one size.

CZ fast speed size change
Button change type

Button change: electrical change the size, easy to operate. Manual adjusting:more precision

CZ fast speed size change
Combined cutter

The cutting device has successfully developed a stepless adjustment tool, which changes the trouble that each specification needs to be matched with a pair of moulds, saves time and also applies to a variety of profiles that produce unconventional sizes. Each specification needs a pair of mould, and the stepless adjustment tool not only saves the die cost, especially during the debugging process, when the two sides are different and exceed the molding mold, the multi-function cutting tool can be adjusted, while the original die can not produce waste and adjust after cutting the section, and cause the waste of raw material in the production process.

CZ fast speed size change
Oblique punching device

Adopting the advanced oblique punching device, the punching speed is faster and the punching accuracy is higher, so as to further improve the production speed.

CZ fast speed size change
Hydraulic system

Over sized hydraulic system,hydraulic station power:30KW in order to improve work efficiency, use high quality five star hydraulic motors

CZ fast speed size change
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