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Characteristics of the equipment of color steel tiles


The color metal profiled steel sheet pressed by color steel tile equipment is made of coloured coated steel sheets, which are formed by roll bending and cold bending. It includes color profiled steel plate, color arc steel plate, color plate corrugated tile, color steel plate ceiling board and so on.
Color profiled steel sheet: it is suitable for maintenance, construction and decoration of industrial and civil buildings, warehouses and large-span steel structures.
With light weight, high intensity, rich color, long service life, free maintenance, construction convenience and other characteristics of color arc steel plate: mainly dealing with the different arc transition problems at the angle of the compression plate, not only for the curved roof of the eaves of the roof, but also for the arc roof. The processing flow of color steel tile press: the color steel forming equipment is divided into three parts: the roller shaft part, the compression part and the shear part. The roller pressure axis is partly driven by the motor, and the chain drives each roller to rotate each other, different force and pressure type. It moves the mould up and down in the hydraulic cylinder, and can make the color plate press out the regular joints, like the tile shape, and then cut the suitable size according to the request under the action of the shear knife.
These tiles are Caigang equipment, after pressing out.
The color steel plate enters the color steel forming equipment. After pressing all kinds of rollers, it is pressed into all kinds of boards, and then processed by shearing to form suitable plates for application. It has beautiful appearance, convenient construction, quick maintenance and no maintenance.
Plate corrugated tile of color steel tile equipment: it is suitable for roofing decoration and eaves decoration of all kinds of buildings. With the characteristics of rich color, long service life, corrosion resistance, maintenance free, convenient construction and light weight, it can be divided into common lap type, buckle cover type and bite type. The material: hot galvanized steel plate, aluminum zinc F high strength G steel plate and so on with the improvement of color steel tiles and so on, nowadays many large factories and mines The library, steel frame building and large equipment have used coloured steel tiles, or colored steel plates, and even glazed colored steel tiles, which make the appearance of our living architecture more colorful, beautiful and uniform.

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