Continuous PU sandwich panel production line

1. Decoiler system

2. Roll forming machine

3. Pre-heating system

4. PU foam and metering system

5. Double belt tracking system

6. Band saw cutter:

7. Cooling system

8. Automatic stacking system

9. Packing system

profiles for reference

PU profile for reference

1. Decoiler system: The decoiling system adopt hydraulic cantilever tight type, used to feed the raw material and re-coiling.

2. Roll forming machine: is to form the panel profile and feed it to the pre-heating room.

3. Pre-heating system: pre-heating room is hot air heating, the heating resource can be steam or conduction oil, or electricity.

4. PU foam and metering system: is mainly to provides a lop system for all kinds of raw material components ( is ocyanate, ployol, as foaming agent, catalyst, flame retardants), and test the temperature and flow rate of each component and to compensate according to the requirement. the required proportion of each component will be mixed and evened shoot between the two formed plates.

5. Double belt tracking system: the double belt is to overcome the polyurethane foam, make its curing foaming pressure produced b the forming, it determine the thickness of the sandwich panel and the speed of production line; side bock is to overcome the polyurethane foam produced by horizontal force, determine the width of the sandwich panel, and precise guidance role in the process of production

6. Band saw cutter: is to cut the ready panel according to the required panel length, by automatic measurement by encoder , on line continuous automatic cutting without stop. at the same time to absorb the dust produced during cutting.

7. Cooling system: is to cool the ready PU panel by 90 mins.

8. Automatic stacking system: is to transport the ready panel to designated location automatically from a single complete stacking device.

9. Packing system: is to pack the ready panel with plastic film and to prevent the damage the surface of the panel , good for store and transport.